Thursday, October 11, 2007

Design is Credibility

This is a great article from Church Relevance regarding the impact of web design on how a church is perceived. The concepts here apply beyond website design and definitely reach into the business world.

Click here to read the article.

Manuals, handbooks, directories & catalogs

If you want your policies & procedures to be read instead of filed away and forgotten, invest in a manual or handbook that is graphically appealing. Eric can design a booklet that reflects your business and invites use through reader-friendly layout and interesting design. He can also help lay out a staff directory or product/services catalog.

A logo vs. branding

Can the public identify your business? Do you need a logo? Maybe you need more than a cool graphic to identify your venture - you need a brand. What is a brand and why do you need more than a logo? A brand consistently communicates a vision for your service or product through a slogan and graphic identity that is used in advertising, uniforms, letterhead, packaging, etc. Branding is a process that takes in-depth consideration - everything from wording to fonts and colors to complexity will impact the effectiveness of your branding. Your brand will identify you for years to come and can be one of your company's best investments. Eric would love to guide you through the process of creating a brand. Contact him when you're ready to present yourself to the world in a way that won't be easily forgotten!

Adobe Acrobat

Eric will soon be teaching a class on Adobe Acrobat for Allen, Pritchett and Bassett CPA & Business Consultants in Tifton, GA. This is a great program if you have paper documents that you need to access frequently and keep organized but would like to have them digitized and the originals put away for safe keeping. Contact Eric for details about on-site training for your business.